Episode 128: The King’s Demons

This week we cover story #128, The King's Demons!  The Doctor and his companions are mistaken for demons by King John in medieval England.  But something is amiss with the monarch -- who could be behind this, and can the Doctor save the Magna Carta and preserve history?

QotW: The Master has targeted YOU with his or her latest evil scheme! Which Doctor would you like to come to your rescue and why?

So Here's the Thing.../Listener Mailbag/Gallifrey One

Discussion of "The King's Demons" (Charlie 7.5, David 7, Trevor 6.5)

Big Finish audio adventure: The Mutant Phase (Charlie 7, David 8, Trevor 8)


Join us next week for our review of Doctor Who story #129, The Five Doctors! You can rent the DVD from Netflix or buy the DVD from BarnesAndNoble.com, Amazon.com, the BBC Doctor Who Shop, or many other fine retailers.

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