Episode 190: Fires of Pompeii

On this week's podcast, the Wanderers join 10 and Donna in ancient Rome Pompeii the day before Volcano Day.  But the soothsayers here have the gift of real prophecy and a secret alien menace hides within Vesuvius.  Can the Doctor and Donna save the Earth, and Pompeii, and the merchant Caecilius and his family?

QotW: If you could create a new religion around a Doctor Who character, what character would you choose and why, and what would you call it?

So Here's the Thing.../Listener Mailbag/Who News

Discussion of "Partners in Crime" (David 8.25, Connor 8.5, Charlie 8.5, Trevor 8.75)

Discussion of "Doctor Who: The Churchill Years, Vol 1, Part 3: Living History" (David 8.75, Charlie 8.75, Trevor 8.25)


Join us next week for our review of Doctor Who story #191, Planet of the Ood! Our audio adventure will be Doctor Who -- The Churchill Years Volume 1, #4: The Chartwell Metamorphosis, available from BigFinish.com.

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